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The most traumatic experience of my life was being in NYC during the 9/11 attack. I was teaching right across the street from Madison Square Garden on 33rd. From a window, I witnessed the 2nd tower collapse and was totally horrified. I immediately cancelled class, and by the time I got to the street level, the area was in complete chaos. It was like an Armageddon movie. The streets were packed cars and people trying to get out of the city. Cell phones jammed, people screaming, and fighter jets flying overhead. I made my way back to my hotel on 55th.

Along the way, I witnessed a huge line of people filing out paperwork. I asked one of the guys what they were doing and he mentioned that they were standing in line to donate blood. I was amazed that while 2 million people were making their way out of downtown Manhattan, and few hundred people were risking their own lives to help the wounded. Absolutely amazing. It left me with a small glimmer of hope that day.

I was performing research in steganography prior to 9/11. Unfortunately, the predictions in USA Today - Bin Laden was using steganography to stage an attack against the US, came true. It was my experience from 9/11 that has motivated me to perform extensive steganalysis and cryptanalysis on steganographic programs. Hopefully, my research will shed light on the subject of digital steganography.













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