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Throughout history, steganography has been the means for covert communications. From tattoos on a carrier's head hidden by hair to urine used as invisible ink, the art of steganography continues to evolve.

Current day techniques use steganography in digital form. Messages can be hidden in empty spaces found in a file. Other techniques involve modifying the Least Significant Bit or a digital picture.

The 9/11 attack heightened our awareness of steganography. It is well published that Bin Laden and his terrorist cells use steganography for communications. In fact, it was published in USA Today newspaper months before the actual attack.

Steganography is a huge subject of debate. It continues to thwart investigators and forensics specialists, because it is very difficult to detect. To add to the complexity, most messages are encrypted prior to hiding them in a picture.

On the flipside, it is an incredibly strong technique for private communications for the military and companies alike.

Hopefully research will allow us to detect and reveal these terrorist messages, yet also allow the military and companies to leverage the combination of strong steganographic and cryptographic algorithms.













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